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Data Loss Prevention Systems at Your Firm

  By Kevin Woo | September 16, 2009 In the first century A.D., Decimus Juvenalis, a Roman poet, observed that information is priceless. “All wish to know but none wish to pay the price,” he wrote. Information, of course, isn’t always for sale, but there’s no limit on the amount of information that can …

Science and Technology

Getting the Message Out Using Social Media

According to one Northern California-based meeting planner, social media marketing is key to driving up event attendance. By Kevin Woo  One + | February 2010 NOT LONG AGO THE PHRASE “GUERRILLA MARKETING” REFERRED TO UNCONVENTIONAL MARKETING PRACTICES that relied primarily on ingenuity and imagination—think Apple’s 1984 George Orwell commercial that launched the Macintosh computer—or ingenious …

Science and Technology

The Million-Dollar Words of E-Discovery

By Kevin Woo Law Technology News  December 15, 2009 Throughout history, humans have had miscommunications and misunderstandings. Some are comical like Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?”; others can be tragic like “Romeo and Juliet.” Most of the time, a misunderstood word here or there doesn’t have far-reaching implications, but in the legal profession a …

Science and Technology

In the Clouds

  Law firms are now backing up data on storage clouds By Kevin Woo  California Lawyer May 2010 Like the larger business world, the legal industry is full of overused clichés: phrases such as “take it to the next level,” “think outside the box,” and “win-win situation.” Conduct a Google search for another worn-out phrase—”do …