Earth Day – a public relations opportunity

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Earth Day is here. Millions of people around the world will undertake some action to make the earth a better place. They’ll pledge to themselves to be more conscientious about using recyclable materials. They’ll separate out bottles and cans. Maybe they’ll even buy a hybrid car.

What have you done for your clients to get them coverage on Earth Day?  Did you send out a press release (via email of course) outlining all the things your client does to save the earth?  If your client sells energy efficient products and it has 3,000 customers how much are those customers saving in aggregate?  Do you have some really cool quantification such as: my client can help consumers save enough electricity to power a city the size of Houston for a year? If yes, that will get our attention.

The truth is, you might not have seen Earth Day as a media opportunity.  You should have. And why should you? Because journalists have to cover Earth Day regardless of our beat and we’re always looking for something that’s new and interesting.

There are a number of stories you know journalists will have to cover. Be a PR hero by anticipating our needs, pitching early, pitching stories that have multiple sources already lined up and a story that’s really unique.

The easier you make our job the more invaluable you become to writers.

* * *

Kevin Woo is a freelance writer from San Francisco. He’s also a 20-year PR professional so he has a unique perspective on media and media relations.